Thursday, 28 January 2016

Making sure you get a GiveasyouLive donation

Something to be aware of for GiveasyouLive people:
The way Give as you Live works is that we claim a commission from the retailer for directing shoppers to their website and then share this with your charity as a free donation. If you have gone via their own offer email they would be able to track this and we would be unable to claim the commission for the sale.
It means you must go to the on-line website directly and not via an email link or a price comparison website.
To get the GiveasyouLive widget add-on see

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card - Scheme Terminating

- Sadly it has been announced that this scheme is terminating February 27, 2016 with no further top-ups allowed after that date, but cards can continue to be used for 2 years.
There is talk of similar store cards with Tesco, M & S and others so all is not lost.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Make your mark on 2016 - volunteer for VHL UK/Ireland

In 2014, a VHL patient was recovering from surgery and decided to spend their time working with the VHL UK/Ireland Chairman to relaunch the charity - together they started a new website, stocked VHL UK/Ireland clothing and pin badges, provided support for Genetic Centres, patients and info for fundraisers. In 2015, the first support group took place at Guy's Hospital, London.
As the charity has grown, the need for volunteers has increased and as we enter 2016, the charity would like to offer the opportunity to make your mark, no matter how big or small amount of time you are able to pledge.
The following roles are available.
1 - Regional support group organisers: London, Manchester, Wales, Scotland, Ireland; organising support group for patients at a venue (usually hospital where local genetic clinic is based)
2 - Fundraising assistants: includes sending charity buckets and pots to fundraisers, sending certificates to fundraisers.
3 - Charity merchandise: includes help with eBay page, posting out orders
4 - Marketing assistants: includes help with social media posts, blog posts, testing new website.
5 - Project help: first project lined up is sending hand books to every genetic centre and patients.
6 - 'Share Your Story' - fancy raising awareness by sharing your story? Have you fundraised recently or plan to? A simple blog post doesn't take long but is hugely effective.
We will provide you with all the information you need to get started and are here to guide you through all roles and projects.
If there is any other way you can think of helping or if you have any skills that you think can come in handy, please let us know.
Please email:
Thank you - we look forward to another brilliant year of supporting patients, funding research and raising awareness.

VHL UK/Ireland